Crystal's Official Website

Sites to contact me on:

Art info:

  • Proud hobbyist cartoonist! I've been drawing ever since I was a preschooler, but I didn't really publish digital art until 2015, by using them as YouTube banners/icons. I think I also published some of them on my archived Google+ when it was existing around that time, but I vagally remember

  • Starting animating since 2016, I first began on one of my old and outdated Scratch accounts

  • I usually draw animals and humans, but the most common animal I draw are cats, and whatever I'm hyperfixated into

  • Applications I use: ArtRage (for art, on a tablet) FlipaClip (for animations, on a tablet)

  • BOTH a digital/traditional artist

  • I only do art trades and requests, as long as if I know or trust you

  • You may use my art as icons, banners, reposting, etc., as long as you give CREDIT

About me:

  • Names preferred are Crystal, Kessho, and Lucy

  • Proud hobbyist cartoonist! (like I said earlier lmao)

  • I'm a pretty anxious person, so be nice to me when contacting me

  • I'm also hyperactive so sometimes the content I post can be very cray cray at times

  • I like gore (fictional gore the most specifically)

  • Yay for bright colors/checkered things!

  • HEAVY CAT PERSONNNN (in fact I used to own 6 cats back then, but now 3 fr fr)

  • I like weird/scene/web/nostalgiacore

  • I listen to old/rock/electronic music (60s-2000s music too)

  • My discord is 🐈Kitten Shopper🛒#5001 (emojis included)

  • I also am the macaron leader, so give me all of your macarons RIGHT THIS INSTANT

Current Interests/Hyperfixations:

  • Eddsworld

  • Homestar Runner

  • Your Favorite Martian the series

  • Invader Zim

  • Asdfmovie

  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

  • HTF